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Building Analytics


Exceptional Building Analytics

Proper information allows you to optimize energy costs and extend equipment life. As a Schneider Electric partner, Energy Tech Systems can help improve your bottom line and are backed by more than 25 years of business experience

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Improve Efficiency and Control Costs

Operating a building can be expensive. The Continental Automated Buildings Association says that facility operating costs in the U.S. can approach nearly 75% of your building's annual total costs. Knowing what exactly drives those costs will allow you to make informed, confident, and proactive decisions. 

Call us to help you balance tenant comfort with owner profitability.

Building Analytics for All Sectors

•  Commercial
•  Education
•  Healthcare
•  Government
•  Utilities
•  Financial services
•  Law enforcement/corrections
•  Manufacturing (Industrial)
•  Casinos
•  Airports
•  Retail
•  Oil and gas
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